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The breast center at Winthrop-University Hospital was created in response to community concerns for a complete and comprehensive program of breast cancer screening, breast cancer diagnosis thru early detection methods and education.

Here, we provide the best that medicine has to offer. A program designed to meet your needs with individualized care in the setting of a strong community based academic institution. We provide the latest in state of the art mammography, breast ultrasound, Mammotome stereotactic biopsy, ultrasound guided fine needle biopsy, ultrasound guided Mammotome biopsy, MRI, and galactography.

Women now have an ally in breast health care. The Breast Center provides comprehensive diagnostic work-ups and consultations with the physician and nursing staff in a private and compassionate environment. Mammography is still our best offense in the early detection of breast cancer. In some instances, however, a mammogram may be inconclusive. You will not leave without an answer. In these cases, an ultrasound can be performed right on the spot all within the same visit. High Resolution Breast Ultrasound can often clarify an inconclusive mammogram. Mammography and ultrasound compliment one another, allowing the doctor to differentiate between simple benign cysts or solid lesions that can require further work-up.

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Dr. Susana Fuchs Director of Breast Imaging Long Island New York Susana Fuchs, M.D.
Director of Women's Imaging

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Sidney Glanz, M.D.
Attending Radiologist

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Irina Rapoport, M.D.
Attending Radiologist

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Andrew Choi, M.D. Andrew Choi, M.D.
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120 Mineola Boulevard, Suite 550, Mineola, NY 11501
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We offer convenient hours:

Monday 8am - 7pm
Tuesday 8am - 5pm
Wednesday 8am - 7pm
Thursday 8am - 5pm
Friday 8am - 2:30pm
Saturday 8am - 12pm (once a month)

Breast Cancer Treatment Options

Women who are found to have a breast mass have state of the art treatment options available. As part of our commitment to provide cutting edge alternatives in breast health our Center offers referring physicians and patients an alternative to open surgical biopsy. We offer the latest techniques for non-surgical biopsies of breast masses.

Our breast imaging specialists routinely perform screening mammography, diagnostic mammography, ultrasound guided fine needle aspirations, Mammotome stereotactic biopsies, galactography, and soon to offer breast MRI with ongoing research in MRI guided biopsy techniques.

A fine needle aspiration may be offered. This is performed with ultrasound guidance. The passage of a fine needle into the area of concern allows for a collection of cellular material to be extracted. Within 24 to 48 hours you, the patient, are directly contacted with your results and a written report is available to the referring physician.

A Mammotome stereotactic biopsy may be a more appropriate alternative. The Mammotome suite uses highly advanced digital imaging combined with the latest biopsy instrumentation to obtain a core sampling of an area within the breast.

A galactogram is another specialized procedure available at our center. This is a radiological examination of the ducts of the breast utilizing both mammography and ultrasound. With the introduction of contrast into the duct of concern, the radiologist is able to obtain an accurate picture of the ducts in a patient presenting with nipple discharge.

These procedures are very appealing as they are performed at the time of your visit, in a private environment, designed to reduce the stress so commonly encountered. Long waiting periods are eliminated as your breast health concerns are addressed at the time of your visit.

Board Certified doctors and a licensed nurse are present at the time of your visit to consult with you, answer your questions, and perform all necessary exams in order to provide you with comprehensive care. We offer an educational reference library in our suite, contacts for support services offered by the Women's Health Division of Winthrop Hospital, support group services, direct patient care by our select team of specialists.

All of the radiologists that staff the Breast Imaging and Diagnostic Suite are Diplomats of the American Board of Radiology and are subspecialty trained in all aspects of breast imaging and intervention. The breast imaging team at Winthrop University Hospital has provided leadership in the field for decades.

Our staff follows the stringent guidelines of Federal Government’s Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA) for image quality, patient care, equipment maintenance and maintenance of accurate medical records. We are an accredited facility and follow the guidelines established by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Food and Drug Administration, American College of Radiology and Nassau County Department of Health.

We are committed to excellence in a caring and personalized environment and there is always a radiologist present to address your unique needs. You are not alone. This center has been opened in your community to serve you and your family with the highest quality care available.


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