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Preparing for Your Visit

For all examinations it is necessary that we have the prescription or request form that is filled out by either your physician or other appropriate health provider. In addition to knowing the type of study that is requested, it is important that we know the reason for the examination so that we can tailor it to best serve your medical needs. Generally if you have questions about the exam you should call our office at 516-663-4510, so that we can determine what is best for your individual situation. However, here are some general guidelines that apply to most people. All patients who might be pregnant or who may have allergies to materials that might be used during the examinations should notify us when making the appointment.



Our magnet is conveniently located in the lower level of 120 Mineloa Boulevard office in a beautiful and friendly out-patient setting. It has received American College of Radiology Accreditation (a rigorous process to maintain the best possible image quality and patient safety).

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CT Scans

The preparation varies depending on the type of CT examination. Some patients need no preparation but others should not eat for 4 hours or more prior to the examination. You may take essential medication with a sip of water. Call our office at 516 663-4510 to find out what preparation is best for your particular needs. If you might be pregnant tell your physician or the technologist before scheduling the examination.

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Mammograms, Breast Sonograms, and other Breast Imaging Procedures

Most of these examinations and procedures are performed at the Winthrop Breast Imaging Center that was designed specifically to meet your special needs and concerns. Patients should bring previous mammogram or breast sonogram films that were obtained elsewhere as well as the reports of those examinations whenever possible. Generally, no patient preparation is needed for breast sonograms. Patients should not use underarm deodorant on the day of a mammogram because this may interfere with the study. Discuss the preparation for other procedures and any concerns with our staff at the Breast Imaging Center please call 516-663-2400.

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P.E.T. (Positron Emission Tomography) Center

P.E.T. examinations are performed at the P.E.T. center. Some examinations require special patient preparation.

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Nuclear Medicine (other than P.E.T.)

A wide variety of sophisticated nuclear medicine examinations and procedures are performed by Winthrop Radiology Associates, P.C. Many are located at our 120 Mineola Boulevard, Mineola, NY office. Others are performed at Winthrop-University Hospital Division of Nuclear Medicine. Call 516.663.2778 to schedule your examination and to obtain any instructions or preparation that you may require.

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Radiography and Fluoroscopy

Esophograms, upper GI series, and small bowel studies: do not eat or drink after midnight before the examination. You may take essential medication with a small sip of water. If you are a diabetic who takes insulin, discuss the preparation for your examination with your referring physician.

Barium enemas and IVP: contact our office at 516.663.4510 to discuss the preparation for the examination.

Most radiographic studies such as chest X-rays or bone x-rays require no patient preparation. If you have a question call our staff at 516-663-4510.

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Ultrasound Examinations (Sonograms)

Abdominal sonograms of the gallbladder, liver, aorta, kidneys: do not eat or drink after midnight before the examination. You may take essential medication with a sip of water.

Renal Doppler sonograms: call the office to discuss the dietary restrictions for the day prior to the examination at 516-663-4510.

Pelvic and obstetrical sonograms: drink one quart of water an hour before the examination and do not empty your bladder.


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Special Procedures

Most biopsies and many special procedures are performed at Winthrop-University Hospital Radiology Department. Call 516-663-2374 to make and appointment and receive any preparation instructions.


Radiation Oncology

Our board certified radiation oncologists and the caring professional staff treat patients at the Division of Radiation Oncology at Winthrop-University Hospital and at a free standing state-of-the art center in a comfortable private office setting a few blocks from the hospital. To schedule an appointment to discuss if radiation therapy is appropriate for you and to discuss any necessary preparation, call 516-663-2501.


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