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Digital fluoroscopy and radiography is the newest technology available for taking x-rays and doing fluoroscopic studies such as those listed below. This technology obviates the need to process a film taken and rather obtains the picture on a plate which automatically transfers the picture to the computer. By doing this we eliminate the possibility of plate artifacts and the need to take multiple unnecessary pictures (x-rays).

Digital fluoroscopy transfers the images obtained on the fluoroscope directly to the computer and eliminates the need of changing x-ray plates during an examination. This decreases the time of studies such as barium enemas and therefore allows for a more comfortable experience during an uncomfortable examination.

Not only does digital fluoroscopy and radiography speed up the time of the test, but it also generates the best possible image quality every time. We are proud to say we have digital technology. In summary, the technology that improves patient care.

Digital fluoroscopic examinations:

Barium Enema (Single and Double Contrast)

Upper GI Series (Single and Double Contrast)

Small Bowel Series

Arthrograms of all joints (Conventional, CT or MRI)


Sniff Test

If there is a study that you need but is not on this list please feel free to call and ask. We can usually accommodate almost every patient that same day.

Radiography and Fluroscopy Media
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CT Scan of Chest


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